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The Orange Creek Farms Story

Orange Creek Farms is a small family farm where 3 generations have come together to provide high quality meat for our family and yours.  What began as a few hogs on a farm outside of Orange City, IA, has grown into approximately 100 cattle of varying stages and about 30 hogs at any one time on our farm in Rock Valley, IA.


At Orange Creek Farms we focus on animal well being and intimate care while providing a well balanced diet of grains and hay which results in some of the most tender and flavorful meat you will find.  All of our animals are born on our farm and spend their entire lives with us.  We are among them every day from feeding, to checking in on them, to building new areas for them to live and play.    We allow our animals plenty of space and time to grow.  Our animals are outside in open pens/pastures every day.  We use no antibiotics or growth hormones. Our animals reach market weight in longer time than the standard factory farm, which aids in the development of tender meat.

You can find our meat at local Farmer's Markets or have it shipped directly to you.  We are continually adding ways for our meat to end up on your plate.  Give us a call, send us an email, or find us on facebook to find out how to get Orange Creek Farms meat today!

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