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Wholesale Meat and Bundles

Looking for a cheaper way to fill your freezer? Look no further! We offer wholesale cuts of our beef, pork, lamb, and goat. The meat is cut and packaged the way you want and costs less per pound than buying by the cut!

For those not sure what to get, try out our bundle options! We currently offer a pork bundle and 2 lamb bundles! 

Messages us today to find out more!

Wholesale Cuts

On our beef we offer 1/4, 1/2, and whole options.

For our pork, lamb, and goat we offer 1/2 or wholes.

From the steaks to the roasts, we are able to cut it to your desired specifications, giving you the perfect way to fill your freezer!

Contact us today about reserving your spot!


Pork Bundle

Our pork bundle is 40-45# of our delicious Berkshire pork meat. It will include some variation of the following meat: 4 packages of IA Pork Chops, 2 packages of Shoulder Roasts, 1 package of Spareribs, 4 packages of Bacon, 3 packages of Ham Steaks or 1 Ham, 9 packages of Seasoned Sausage or Sweet Italian Suasage, and 6 packages of Ground Pork. Some items are subject to availability so please contact us for more info or to request substitutions!


Lamb Bundles

Our delicious and mouthwatering lamb bundles are broken down into 2 sizes.


Our Large Lamb Bundle, of 11-13#, includes: 4 packages of Lamb Chops, 4 packages of Ground Lamb, 4 packages of Lamb Chislic, and 1 package of Lamb Shoulder Roast.


Our Small Lamb Bundle, of 5-6#, includes: 2 packages of Lamb Chops, 2 packages of Ground Lamb, and 2 packages of Lamb Chislic.

Get in Touch to reserve your wholesale cuts or bundles today!

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